1. When you celebrate an anniversary for the first time and you recall all those good moments you had. 

    #BendItLike #KanyeWest


  2. Today is Bend it like your favorite MC’s first birthday!! Thank y’all for the love ;)

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  3. When your auntie Denise asks you if you want to pour some gravy over your slice of “Thanksgiving Turkey Cake” made of layered turkey, stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cranberry sauce and marshmallows.

    #BendItLike #Aaliyah


  4. When you jump the queue at your local fast food without thinking first about what to order.

    #BendItLike #NickiMinaj


  5. When she wants to listen to the news on the radio.

    #BendItLike #Nas


  6. When that anti cellulite massage becomes your best dance move.



  7. When you try to make her believe you have no idea who is this naked girl in your bathroom.



  8. When you realize you’re way too old for that Halloween s***.



  9. When you’re back to Paris after two superduperextrawesome weeks between NYC and London.



  10. When your friends start complaining about your posting 467 pictures of NYC a day as you’re enjoying your first stay ever in the Big Apple.